About Us


It's strange why we meet so many people interested in stone buildings in our journey. Something we touch on a daily basis conjures up feelings of warmth, comfort, security, strength and joy to so many people.  Natural Stone endures, and like our trade,  leaves a legacy.

With a crew growing to 17 men, we have the ability to tackle many projects simultaneously or concentrate on one project to meet the needs of our clients.

If you have plans, let us partner with you to choose the right materials.  We have found that the more options we can bring to the planning table, the better the final product matches your dreams.

Restoration is a growing industry in Ontario and often the most difficult pursuit for masons. With years of experience working on century homes and historic restoration societies, Legacy Stone Works has developed techniques second to none in the industry. We also have the ability to manufacture any custom stone to match your historic project needs.

We specialize in natural stone, the most difficult masonry discipline to master, but to us, the most rewarding. Many man-made products are attractive, affordable, and a popular alternative to natural stone. These products, including bricks, are also in the repertoire of skills Legacy Stone Works has mastered.